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Expanding from Kyoto to across the world to reach the top of our global niche.

本社 Head Office | 東京支店 Tokyo Branch Office | 先端レーザ研究所 Advanced Laser Research Laboratory | 上海片崗貿易有限公司 Shanghai Kataoka Trading Co.,LTD. | KATAOKA Europe S.r.l. | 台湾片岡股份有限公司 Taiwan Kataoka Corporation | 株式会社韓国片岡 Kataoka Korea Corporation | KATAOKA-SS AMERICA CORP.

There is a global market out there, and we have the right products to be able to compete in it. Through this simple mindset, we began our global expansion. Today, we are proud to hold the top share in the global market for numerous manufacturing and inspection equipment.
Our goal has been to develop products with the potential to rise to the top of their global niche. By specializing our technology in the niche markets of laser technology, rechargeable battery inspection equipment, labor-saving systems, and life sciences, and refining these as unique processing systems, we have achieved reliability and global market shares unrivaled by major manufacturers.
Whenever a customer contacts us, our first priority is to meet with them face-to-face. Taking the same sincere approach to sales both within Japan and internationally, we are continuing to direct efforts closely attuned to global markets as we turn our attention to the world.